Fingerprints, 2021

16 10 20 is the second publication of Notes on Hapticity Collective, published in October 2022 by PrintRoom, Rotterdam.

16 10 20 is an anthology of performance scores, riso-printed in a limited edition by PrintRoom, Rotterdam. Following on from our previous chapbook, 15 03 20 (published 2020), 16 10 20 explores what ‘performance’ means when under conditions of quarantining, social distancing, or having to otherwise limit contact with others. What is a performance when you are your own audience?

The publication features contributions by: Kees van Leeuwen, Karolina Rupp, Yindi Chen, Rachel Pursglove, Pelumi Adejumo, Elena Kostenko-Lefebvre, Hannah Dawn Henderson, the collective To See the Inability to See (Arefeh Riahi, Maartje Fliervoet and Martín La Roche), Andrea Knézovic, Sands Murray Wassink, Ingvild Syntropia, Ratu Saraswati, and Lillian Vlaun.

16 10 20 was made possible with the support of Stichting Stokroos and PrintRoom.

Edition of 70 copies.